O.G Staple

Smoke any cocktail $2
Montage Manhattan 1 2
whiskey, vermouth, bitters, cherry
Montage Old Fashioned 12
whiskey, house simple, bitters, orange peel
Banana Fosters Old Fashioned 12
banana bourbon, chocolate walnut bitters,
simple, chocolate stick
Mezcal Old Fashioned 13
mezcal, bitters, simple, luxardo cherry, orange

Tage Signature

Eazy Does It 7
vodka, gin, rum, whiskey mixed with your
choice of club, tonic, pop or juices
Tage Collins 9
gin, club, simple, lemon, cherry
Bloody Mary 9
house bloody mix with your choice of bacon
bourbon, chili vodka, regular vodka
White Whiskey Shake-Up 11
white whiskey, moscato, lemon
Chocolate Bourbon Bomb 11
chocolate whiskey, prosecco, grenadine
Crush On You 11
blackberry whiskey, mezcal, pom juice, simple
Queen Bee 11
gin, honey simple, lemon, honey stick
Brown and Boujee 12
rye, mezcal, vanilla, simple, port, bitters
The Wolf of Liberty Street 12
pecan bourbon, cognac, bitters, vanilla simple
Raw and Uncut Rita 12
tequila, lime, simple
Gatsby Gold Rush 12
whiskey, honey simple, lemon


Smoke any cocktail $2
Bellini 8
peach puree’, bubbles
be basic and just order OJ $6
Purple Reign 9
gin, violet simple, lemon, club
Hot In Herre Mule 10
chili vodka, house simple, lime, ginger beer
Aperol Spritz10
aperol, prosecco, orange slice, club
The Irish 69 10
house made Irish Whiskey cream liqueur served
over ice with espresso
Peachy Mint Julep 11
peach bourbon, mint, simple


Lemon Drop 10
vodka, lemon, simple
Cosmo 12
citrus vodka, cranberry, lemon, curacao, simple
Dirty 12
rutte vodka, olive brine, olives
*blue cheese olives upon request
Unforgettable French 12
rutte vodka, cassis, pineapple juice
Gin Martini 12
gin, vermouth
Give Me S’more 11
s’more bourbon, chocolate wine, roasted
Espresso 13
vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur, simple


Kid ‘n’ Play 5
Ginger ale, sprite, house cherry juice
Vanilla Fig Spritz 5
club soda, fi g preserves, club soda