Craft Spirits

Craft Spirits

Tasting whiskey is much like tasting wine; it calls for imagination and is improved by experience. We have a mesmerizing menu of scotch, whiskey, gin, barell-aged gin, tequila and bourbon to add to our superb selection.

All of our craft spirits are served neat, on the rocks or blended into a stunning signature craft cocktail.

Stop by today and try one for yourself!

Red White or Sweet Flight
Montage Barreled Aged Manhattan
Say Aloe to my Little Friend
Mezcal, Aloe Liqueur, Lime, Pineapple, House Simple, Bitters
Elderflower French 75
Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon, Prosecco
Around the Way Girl
Gin, Limoncello, Rosemary & Sage Simple, Lime
Lotus Flower Bomb
Rose, Vodka, Hibiscus Simple, Bitters
I Get Around
Spiced Rum, Ruby Port, Lime, Simple, Bitters, Club
Blood Orange Spritzer
Warm Whiskey Apple Cider

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